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Yes, We Are Open!
Sugar Bay re-opened in December 2020 and we have since successfully hosted 9 weeks of holiday camps. While safety guidelines and a modified program were necessary, the fundamental essence of camp remained intact: According to the campers, parents, and staff, it was by far their most meaningful camp experience ever, as well as an impactful life event. We are open every school holiday and can't wait for our upcoming holiday camps. You do not want to miss out as something NEW will be launching at Sugar Bay in the coming months.

Summer Camp: Our Kids' Antidote to Pandemic Living
Years before COVID-19, there existed a world-wide outbreak amongst our youth in technology addiction, social skill deficiency, indoors isolation, and over-parenting. And now, since March 2020, our kids have been living an increasingly bizarre, unnatural life of screens and quarantines, hybrid schooling (if they’re lucky), and enough fear and disappointment to last them into adulthood. However, in the midst of the insanity, we learned that summer camp can become a beacon of hope, a lifeline towing them back to their normal selves. Read Full Article

"My kids loved Sugar Bay, they went a minimum of twice a year over 5 years. They made many friends and for me, growing independence and being exposed to so many outdoor sports was the best. My son started boarding in grade 8 and I believe Sugar Bay made this process much easier for him. I will and do suggest this to all parents!!!"
- Collett Swardt Romburgh

Sugar Bay Covid-19 Safety Protocols
At Sugar Bay, every child’s health and safety have always been and will continue to be our number one priority. We will do everything in our power to protect your child emotionally as well as physically. We have always had very strict hygiene and safety protocols in place to reduce the risk of infections at camp. With the new Covid-19 regulations, these have been expanded so we can ensure the safety and well-being of all our staff and guests. More Information
Upcoming Holiday Camps:
Give your child the holiday of a lifetime! We are open every school holiday. Here are the upcoming camps for June - October 2021. Bookings are also open for December 2021. Don't miss out on our early bird booking discount, visit our website for more information:

27 June - 4 July 2021
Theme: My Kitchen Rules

This week is all about finding out what your kitchen skills are. There will be some friendly competition as well classes for you to improve your own skills. This week is for all cooking levels including those who only know how to make toast to those who can make a perfect Crème Brûlée. Learn More

4 - 11 July 2021
Theme: Mexico

Mexico week is all about exploring the diversity that is Mexico. From fun street foods to colourful Festivals. The country is filled with loads of art and culture and will be exploring all of them from painting to dancing. Learn More
11 - 18 July 2021
Theme: Stranger Things

Stranger Things week is all about making friends and living in the 80's, however not everything is as it seems. Sometimes your world may turn Upside down and we get to explore that. This week is all about adventure fun and facing your fears. Learn More
27 June - 4 July 2021
Indigo Warrior Course

The first step to becoming a counselor at Sugar Bay. The Indigo Warrior Course is a unique certification program specifically designed for individuals who want to spend one-week learning new life skills and challenging themselves. They need to be mentally mature, physically capable, and personally committed to completing the 7-day course and examinations. On completion of the course, each individual will receive a written evaluation report in addition to certificates for those modules passed. Learn More
Sugar Bay International Academy:
Urban Survivor Master Class 2021 - Starting 19 September 2021
Join the Urban Survivor Master Class and learn to live off-the-grid with incredible hands-on workshops including knife-making, farming, welding carpentry, electrics and building. Learn to forage and be self-sufficient while living in the African bush and on a remote beach. Our next urban Survivor Master Class will start on 19 September 2021. Visit our website for information:
Gap Year Odyssey 2022 - Starting 16 January 2022
Expand your career development through hands-on experience in a range of different fields, all in one practical program. The Gap Year Odyssey is our flagship program and runs for 11 months. The program incorporates the foundation training from the Master Class adding a wealth of additional information and practical experience. Get Fit. Get Sweaty. Be Challenged. Work hard. Play harder. This wilderness year will be like no other. Leave the academy with certifications, networking contacts, and a better idea as to what you want to do in life. Exclusively to the Gap Year Odyssey program, you will receive R10 000 seed capital after completion of the course to help you kick start your career. Our next Gap Year Odyssey program starts on 16 January 2022. Visit our website for information:
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