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Summer camps are an excellent opportunity for children to explore, learn, and grow. In the United States, summer camps have become a beloved tradition for many families, but in South Africa, they are not as widespread. While this may mean a greater financial investment to give your child this unforgettable experience, we firmly believe that the benefits of attending a top-notch summer camp, such as Sugar Bay Holiday Resort, far outweigh the cost. From developing new skills to making lifelong friendships, summer camps provide children with invaluable experiences that will shape their future.

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Sugar Bay 2023 Dates & Cost

Upcoming June/July 2023 Holiday Camps:

In the legendary realm of the upcoming June/July holidays, a frosty chill cannot dampen our fiery spirits! Behold, for we have meticulously crafted a blazing lineup, destined to ignite the June/July holidays with unstoppable awesomeness! Sugar Bay is located in the beautiful seaside village of Zinkwazi Beach. Our location means that we have warm, tropical weather throughout the year, and so we really do offer summer camps all year round.

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The June holidays are here, and Dad Andile Ncube couldn't be

happier because it's time for Sugar Bay!!!

Parents Andile Ncube, Rosette Ncwana & Sebabatso Mothibi Review Sugar Bay

Sugar Bay International Academy